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Topics We Offer

While Lotus DEI is not limited to the topics shown below, these have been the most frequently requested topics. 

Me, You and Bias

This session gets at the heart (and mind) of biases. We will explore our biases, how they may lead us to make unintended decisions and methods to limiting or controlling our biases.

Speak with PRIDE:
Developing Inclusive Environments for LGBTQ+ folks

Every person matters, including those belonging to the LGBTQ+ community. This session shares with the audience how to create or enhance spaces (both virtually and physically) to be an inclusive and welcoming one for LGBTQ+ folks, both those in the community and those within the organizations.

Addressing the Fear of Activating DEI as a Leader within Your Team

Many leaders understand (for the most part) why having a diverse, inclusive and equitable team and organization is beneficial to the team’s morale. Some also understand its benefit in increasing the organization’s bottom line. However, there is still a major fear among many leaders to broach this conversation within their teams.  While for a long time it was within many organizations to slide DEI under the proverbial rug, recent global shifts are making it more known that DEI needs to be an integral part of the talk. This session will introduce leaders to DEI by sharing some ways in which they can interweave DEI strategies (both big and small) within their organization and stepping in the thick of things is all part of the process.

The Pain of Silence: Addressing mental health concerns and Black America

Supportive Friend

There are many negative assumptions made about Black America and Americans, especially when it comes to addressing mental health. When these assumptions are internalized, the results can be catastrophic. The high death and suicidal rates within many Black communities are muted or silenced and the cycle lives on. The session dives into the inequities faced by Black Americans in both the advocacy and treatment of mental and behavioral health and strategies for course correction.

We also offer the following speaking engagements:

  • From Bystander to Ally to Accomplice.

  • Culture and Courage conversations.

  • Setting JEDI moves against workplace bullying. 

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