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We strive to make all of our services accessible to anyone, regardless of ability. Be sure to share if there are any specific accessibility needs you may have when requesting services.



Lotus DEI Consulting, LLC is committed to embarking on the journey alongside our clients. It is imperative that the consultation process helps to elevate advocacy, autonomy, and ability to thrive within our clients.

  • Executive Leadership Coaching

  • Strategic Building

  • Employee Resource Group Development 

  • DEI Council Development

  • Key Performance Indicator Development

  • DEI Conference Planning


Reading a Book

More than just offering training, Lotus DEI Consulting, LLC  provides clients with customized interactive mindset shifting workshops. Our philosophy aligns with the belief that all individuals in the room can be learners and teachers. No matter the audience, Lotus DEI Consulting, LLC aims for all participants to immerse themselves in the experience, and leave feeling enlightened, excited, and energized.



Lotus DEI Consulting, LLC offers a wide range of dynamic and engaging dialogue that helps the audience get energized about harnessing the powers of diversity, equity, and inclusion within and throughout their varied spaces.

"We cannot undo our history but we can shift paradigms to unleash a positive future story." - Dr. Danielle Jackman

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