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Take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions so that we can best support you!


Who do we serve?


Lotus DEI is devoted to helping elevate individuals and organizations globally. We are eager and willing to assist any and all individuals looking to advance just, equitable, diverse, and inclusive spaces. Lotus has worked with individuals from all levels within an organization as well as community leaders and we look forward to serving you!


Do you provide in-person or virtual services?


Both! Lotus DEI is able to provide both in-person and virtual sessions. No matter the platform, we provide quality, noteworthy and engaging sessions with the intention of leaving participants’ feeling full and ready to engage.


Can you share your areas of expertise?


Certainly! Note though that this list is full but not exhaustive.

  • Health equity, including mental health equity

  • Trauma informed spaces

  • Social determinants of health

  • Emotional Intelligence

  • Intercultural Development
    Adaptive Leadership
    Organizational Culture

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